Totally Nourish Affiliate Programme

Who are Totally Nourish?

Totally Nourish is a leading online retailer of high quality premium health products. We’re focused on making being healthy as convenient as possible. We seek out the food and drink products that are good for our customers and stock high quality supplements, vitamins and minerals. Our ethos is helping our customers ‘be all you can be’ by bringing you products and brands that will nourish them inside and out.

What is the Totally Nourish Affiliate Programme?

Join the Totally Nourish affiliate programme now and as an affiliate you will be rewarded for every new first-time customer you send to us who purchases a product from Totally Nourish via your link. How Does the Totally Nourish Affiliate Programme Work? You put a link or banner on your site and when you direct visitors to the Totally Nourish site, we will pay you 10% commission on the first-time a new customer sale is generated via your link to reward you for bringing us that new customer.

Affiliate Offering Summary:

• 10% commission on all first-time orders (sales)
• Affiliate tracking cookie lasts 365 days (i.e. 1 year)
• Affiliates are given a Unique code which needs to be appended to any links into Totally Nourish (e.g. ‘’)
• Affiliates can request URLs/Banners/Product Feed to place on their site which contain an affiliate code specific to each affiliate

Totally Nourish can provide a variety of banners and text links. When you apply and are approved to become a Totally Nourish affiliate, you can choose the best link for your website, simply add it on your site and earn extra revenue every time you refer a first-time buyer to our site. View our full Totally Nourish Affiliate Programme Policy Rules and Terms & Conditions below or by clicking here.

Why Become a Totally Nourish Affiliate?

With frequent promotions and offers for new customers, supported by new banners and text links this is an ideal time to capitalise on the strong Totally Nourish brand and consistently high online sales. You can use the Totally Nourish banners, text links or even list the Totally Nourish products on your site. If you need a special creative (emailing, landing page...), just let us know.

How to Join

Please fill out the form below to apply to become an affiliate. If we feel you’re suitable, we will add you to our affiliate programme and you will receive details of your Affiliate code and resources.

Please Note – all affiliates who are approved agree to our Totally Nourish Programme Policy Rules and our Terms and Conditions. Affiliates found to be in breach of our programme policy rules will have their commissions declined and will be suspended from the programme.


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Further Questions?

If you have any further queries, please contact us on

What Happens Next?

Apply to join now using the form above and earn 10% commission on first-time sales or contact us ( We look forward to hearing from you.

Totally Nourish Affiliate Programme Policy Rules


Please note: Affiliates found to be in breach of our programme policy rules will have their commissions declined and will be removed from the programme.

PPC (Pay Per Click) and Paid Advertising

• Affiliates are permitted to promote Totally Nourish through PPC and other methods of paid online advertising.
• Affiliates are not permitted to send traffic directly to the Totally Nourish website as they will not earn commission from sales.
• Affiliates are not permitted to use ‘Totally Nourish’ brand bidding or any variations of the brand name.
• Affiliates should add ‘totally nourish’, ‘totallynourish’, ‘’, ‘’ as negative key words to avoid broad marketing. If any affiliate uses these brand terms and domains they will have their order commission declined due to violation of our terms and conditions.
• Affiliates are not permitted to use the domain in the display URL or as the destination URL. We believe this is misleading for users and may appear to duplicate our own paid advertising efforts.
• Affiliates wishing to advertise on generic terms are obviously welcome to do so. If the Totally Nourish’s name is used in the advert it should be clear on the affiliate’s landing page how to get to Totally Nourish’s website content.
• Affiliates are not permitted to bid on any competitor brand names when directing traffic to Totally Nourish.
• Affiliates representing themselves or passing themselves off as being “Totally Nourish” or taking any action which is likely to confuse or mislead third parties to believe that such partner site is the Totally Nourish is not permitted.
• The above prohibitions include but are not limited to those Pay for Search Schemes available through Google, Microsoft AdCenter, Miva, Overture, Mirago and Webfinder.

Domain Restrictions

• Affiliates are not permitted to register domains which are similar to or domains which are misspellings of our brand.
• Affiliates are not permitted to put the Totally Nourish website into frames or use masked URLs.

Links and Banners

• Commission will not be paid on direct linking. Landing pages must clearly present Totally Nourish and their products as well as the path required to access content.
• Affiliates are not permitted to alter any banners that have been provided by Totally Nourish unless they have been granted permission to do so from the Totally Nourish affiliate team.
• Requests for banner creatives or alterations may be made by emailing

Product Pricing, Offers and Voucher Codes

• Affiliates are not permitted to display incorrect or lower product prices in order to refer more traffic to Totally Nourish. All product pricing should be inclusive of VAT and match the prices which are displayed on the Totally Nourish website.
• Affiliates are welcome to promote current offers/voucher codes that are currently active through Totally Nourish.
• Any unauthorised voucher codes or offers that are promoted and/or used will result in commission not being paid and programme suspension.

Totally Nourish Affiliate Programme Reporting & Payment Process

• Affiliates will be provided with a monthly commission report via email.
• Affiliates will have up to 30 days to send Totally Nourish a purchase invoice for payment on commission they are owed.

Totally Nourish Affiliate Programme Terms & Conditions

• Totally Nourish accept no responsibility or liability for any content and messaging used by affiliates in order to promote our brand and products.
• Affiliates are completely liable for any content and messaging used in order to promote the Totally Nourish brand and products to their visitors/readership.